Midnight Wolf Mask

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  Midnight Wolf Mask Price: $29.99 Buy it! Description: Beware of the full moon when you wear our Midnight Wolf Mask. This fearsome full mask is made of latex and has long werewolf hair.

It’s Alive Baby Puppet

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  It’s Alive Baby Puppet Description: From the 1974 Movie, “It’s Alive!”. Latex puppet with a baby blanket to cover your working arm for a very disturbing effect. Price: $59.99 Buy it!

Lion Mask

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Lion Mask Price: $24.99Buy it! Description:This realistic latex Lion Mask is perfect for any Halloween lion costume or play!

Infected Zombie Kit

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Infected Zombie Kit Price: $19.99Buy it! Description:Turn your eyes into red bloody contaiminated gated to your zombie soul. Use this latex kit with fierce peering eye mask, three bloody bite and scratch wounds, 2 shades of cream make up, two make up sponges, and three small tubes of red blood, spirit gum, and spirit gum [...]